mutianyu great wall transit route map
Nearest Great Wall Section to Airport (PEK), 60km with 1 hour driving, the first choice of layover tourists.
melania trump on mutianyu great wall
Prisidents and VIPs visited, less local tourits
Latest tourism projects: overlook the Great Wall on the helicopter,
Super exciting downhill slide - Toboggan, you can control the speed by yourself [Must-Ride]
Connecting with unrestored JianKou (Arrow Knot) Great Wall section, many hikers like the hike-through trail
Open Hours: 7:30 - 17:30, and the price list
  • shuttle bus: 15rmb/pp
  • cable car: 120rmb/pp
  • /roundtrip; 100rmb/oneway
  • chairlift up & toboggen down: 120rmb/pp/roundtrip; 100rmb/pp/oneway
  • great wall entry: 45rmb/pp